Find below DCL commandments

Find below DCL commandments:

You must always be on your best behavior You must always look your best:


Must maintain neat corn rows with a minimum number of eight and maximum of fifteen

The skirts should not be above knee length

The fingernails must be kept short and well groomed with no painting / colouring


Must maintain low hair cut (not higher than a quarter of an inch) and no weird haircut

They must be clean shaven at all times (no beards, side burns or moustache)

The fingernails must be short and well groomed

You must not loiter

You must always meet your schedules and deadlines You must not take part in test/exam malpractice You must not steal

You must respect school property/environment You must not bring any contraband to school

You must not bring any harmful materials to school You must not bully or threaten any student

Any significant misbehavior may lead to immediate expulsion

Please find attached school calendar for 2015 / 2016 session

We wish you a happy Summer holiday.


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