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Life At Dowen College Lagos Purpose, Focus and Unlimited Fun

Dowen College is a busy place. Whether you are a pupil, a member of staff, a parent or visitor you cannot fail to key into the strong sense of purposefulness, focus and the pure fun, which permeate life at Dowen College.

High Academic Standards And Expectations

Standards and expectations are high; afterall we want our children to be the best! Commitment to academic excellence, responsible leadership and moral integrity within a supportive and nurturing environment provide an education experience that is rewarding for all those involved.

An Atmosphere That Balances Order And Individual Freedom.

As a happy, tolerant and vibrant community we are proud of our distinguished past and look forward to an exciting future filled with success in many different activities. In this section we attempt to touch on the depth and the diversity of opportunity available to students in their work at Dowen, their extra-curricular activities and their time in the house. We support initiative, encourage the taking of responsibility and seek to foster an atmosphere, which balances order and individual freedom.

Adequate Student Guidance And Support

In aiming for a fulfilling yet a balanced life, every student at Dowen is helped by a few people- their Housemistress/master, the student affairs coordinators and their class Tutor. At each stage in their education, a housemistress, student affairs coordinators, and class tutors will get to know him/her extremely well and will be a source of guidance and support through their teenage years. In addition, there are members of staffs and who specialize in certain areas, (e.g. Higher Education, Careers and Counselling) and who are always on hand to give advice.

Student Counseling

Counseling activities in the school include individual and group guidance in educational, vocational and socio-personal matters. Under performing children, gifted, talented and disadvantaged students are invited for interviews and guidance. Students with examination related problems are also helped. Sometimes parent's attentions are needed and they are equally guided.Special One-on-one Tutorials One-on-one 1 hour tutorials are also conducted daily to help students solve problems

Parents Visitation/Open House Days

On the 7th week of school term - all subject teachers are present to meet and discuss with parents. Visiting Days for Boarding house students takes place every last Sunday of every Mont .