RESUMPTION: Happy and prosperous New year. As scheduled and with thanks to the almighty God, school resumed on 9th January, 2017. Lessons started immediately, the new students are settling down and becoming integrated into the Dowen College system. I thank you for not relenting in our joint efforts to bring out the best in our children.

In order to foster this, kindly ensure that:

· Children sleep early to wake up early and be ready for school – school resumes 7.45am.

· Children do not spend too much time watching television.

· Children complete their assignments and submit on time using the home work diary as a guide

· Children eat lightly before school in the morning for a good take off

· Children appear clean and smart in their correct school uniforms.

· Our children are growing everyday and we implore all parents to kindly ensure that their children / wards do not go about in undersized uniforms. THE SCHOOL WILL NOT ALLOW UNIFORMS NOT PURCHASED FROM THE SCHOOL.

PUNCTUALITY: The adage “Punctuality is the soul of business” is very apt to us here. However, we note with dismay that many students are becoming lax with punctuality. Parents and guardians are implored to view this seriously as it has an important effect on the general performance of the students.

ACADEMIC ASSEMBLY: This was held on Friday 13th January, 2017. Certificates were presented to “Merit Winners” and “Academic Excellence Awardees” (Average of 85% - 89% for merit certificate and minimum of 90% for Academic Excellence). Overall, twenty-seven (27) merit certificates and nine (9) Academic Excellence Certificates were awarded. We are not there yet, we hope to motivate and challenge the students more to greater heights.

EXTERNAL PUBLIC EXAMINATIONS: We wish to inform you that our students have been registered for all the end of course public examination meant for their levels. Basic Education Certficate Examination (BECE) by National Examination Council (NECO) and Checkpoint Examination by Cambridge International Examination CIE for JS 3; West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) by West African Examination Council (WAEC) and International General Certificate of Secondary Examination (IGCSE) by Cambridge International Examination (CIE) for SS 3.

The time tables for these examinations are not ready, we shall keep you posted of events as we continue in our preparation of these young ones. It is worth mentioning that all schemes for these levels have been completed at the end of their second year, with proper finishing touches being put in during the early part of their third year (at most half of term one) while the rest is devoted to problem solving, revisional work, putting them in the examination mode and getting feedback for improvement. The SS 3 students have just concluded their final Mock examination. We hope for the best.

The current JS 3 shall be the first set to sit the new BECE Programme of grouping subjects under the following categories. In all, nine (9) papers shall be sitted as against the former sixteen (16)



Upper Basic Education Curriculum (JSS 1-3)

1. English Studies

2. Mathematics

3. Nigerian Languages (One of Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo)

4. Basic Science and Technology (BST)

Ø Basic Science

Ø Basic Technology

Ø Physical and Health Education

Ø Information Technology (IT)

5. Pre-Vocational Studies

Ø Home Economics

Ø Agriculture

Ø Entrepreneurship

6. Religion and National Values (RNV)

Ø Christian Religious Studies / Islamic Studies

Ø Social Studies

Ø Civic Education

Ø Security Education

7. Cultural & Creative Arts (CCA)

Ø Music

Ø Fine Arts

Ø Drama

8. Business Studies

9. French Language

10. Arabic Language (Optional)

SAT / TOEFL / IELTS EXAMINATIONS: As part of the programmes the school runs, academic support for SAT, TOEFL and IELTS Examinations are carried out. Results of these examinations enhance the chances of our students planning to go for higher studies in USA, Canada and United Kingdom. We normally start the lessons in September of each session and the SAT examination for this session was taken on January 21, 2017 while TOEFL and IELTS examinations shall hold on Saturday February 11, 2017. We are expectant of very good results in the examination.

EXTENSION CLASSES: The JS 3 and SS 3 classes will have extension classes during the Easter break. Students will have just the Good Friday and Esater Monday public holidays. It shall hold as follows:

9.00am – 2.00pm daily

Attendance is mandatory.

POST BECE PROGRAMME: We wish to remind our JS 3 parents that their children / ward will remain in school after their examination until the end of the session (July 7 th, 2017). The students will after their examinations go for a break and resume with us after the mid term break on Tuesday 30 th May, 2017 to commence the SS 1 curriculum. This is to provide them with adequate guidance information on their choice of subjects relevant to their future career before they fully start Senior School programme in September 2017 by His grace. Attendance at this crucial programme is mandatory.

ACADEMIC SUPPORT PROGRAMME: This programme to support those students having academic concerns shall start immediately we resume in the second half of this term in both English Language and Mathematics cutting across JS 1, JS 2, SS 1 and SS 2. This special programme shall hold Tuesday – Thursday, 2,30 – 3.30pm. Parents of affected students shall be contacted.

UTME – JAMB: The school prepares and registers interested students for the above University Matriculation Examination. Immediately we are aware of the commencement of registration, parents shall be duly informed.

17TH ANNUAL INTER HOUSE SPORTS COMPETITION: This was held on Friday 3rd February 2017 at the Yaba College of Technology Sports ground.

Winning House: Topaz (Yellow) with 15 gold, 9 Silver and 14 bronze medals

The second position went to Sapphire (Blue) house with 12 gold, 16 silver and 11 bronze medals. It was colourful, entertaining and full of fun. We received a lot of support from companies, corporate bodies and individuals including parents and invited guests. Our distinguished guest of Honour for the occasion was Mr. Francis Orbih, Chairman, Lagos State Badminton Association, Chairman, South-West Badminton Association and vice-President Badminton Federation of Nigeria. He promised to donate a set of Badminton kits to the college as well as trophies to be won in Badminton at the next edition by God’s grace.

We express our sincere appreciation to all parents for their continued moral and financial support. It was for the purpose of preparation for this event that we extended closing time to 3.30pm. Please be informed that we shall revert back closing time to 3.00pm except on Wednesdays which is 3.30pm.


1. COWBELL MATHEMATICS: The school is grooming students for the two categories in the coming Cowbell Mathematics Competition (JS 3, SS 2). We are very much optimistic of winning. Parents of shortlisted students should note the exam date – 11th March, 2017.

2. AISEN ATHELETICS COMPETITION (Age 13 – 15 years category): Dowen College partook in the above competition and came 1st in the 100 metres in the girls category while we came 3rd in the boys category. In 200 metres event, Dowen College came 1st in the girls category while the boys came third.

3. LOYA MILK SWIMMING COMPETITION: Dowen College participated in the maiden edition of this competition which was held at Grange school, Ikeja.


1. Entrance Examination into JS 1

Start time – 9.00am each day.

2. Afternoon of Praise (4th edition) - Friday February 17 th, 2017 by 3.00pm.

3. Vocational Day / Drama presentation (The Tears of the Bride) – Saturday February 25th, 2017

4. Languages Day – Wednesday March 8th, 2017.


A. Some of our students paid an educational visit to the Muritala Muhammed International Airport (Terminal 2) in December 2016. Students were conducted round the facilities and given tutorials on the operation of the terminal. They also had the opportunity of being conducted round an aircraft and how it operates. It was an unforgettable experience.

B. Another one-day educational visit has been organized for our junior students (JS 1-3) to Olumo Rock, Abeokuta on Friday February 10 th, 2017. Other places that shall be visited at Abeokuta include the Alake’s palace. We wish them a safe and eventful trip.

REVIEW OF HOSTEL ALLOWANCE: Since the inception of the school, the pocket money for students has been Ten Thousand Naira (N10, 000). The school has agreed to review the pocket money for hostel students to Twenty Thousand Naira (N20, 000) in view of the rising cost in the economy. We have noticed that for a long time, many parents give their wards and other members of staff money to keep as the N10, 000 stipulated has not been sufficient for both hostel and other needs hence the need for the increase.


Please find below events lined up for our Twenty (20) years anniversary.

· Friday February 17 – Afternoon of Praise

· Saturday February 25 – Drama and Vocational Arts Day

We implore parents (past and present) to save these dates and celebrate with us.

STUDENTS BIO – DATA FORMS : Parents should please fill the Bio-Data forms attached to their wards report sheets and return back to school so as to enable the school update students data.